Mallika Miffed: Bikini Shots and  Sexy Scenes Removed
Friday, June 24, 2011 14:39 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> Mallika Sherawat's bikini shots in the forthcoming comedy Double Dhamaal turned out to be much ado about nothing. After the fuss she created about donning a 2-piece and finally settling for a bikini top with a sarong, the entire sequence showing her in her bathing apparel has now been "voluntarily diluted" by the film's makers.

And with good reason.

Ms Sherawat is apparently pissed off with her efforts going to waist...we waste. Says a source, "When she saw that her bikini sequence was almost gone from the film she confronted the director Indra Kumar and producer Ashok Thakeria. She wanted to know why her body-beautiful shots were finally not there in the film. "

Apparently the Dhamaal makers did not want family audiences to be scared away by the sight of Ms Sherawat in a bikini top. And we all know how dangerous Mallika can be in a bikini.

So they decided to remove the top...or rather the sequence with the bikini top.

Producer Ashok Thakeria clarifies vehemently, "We haven't ENTIRELY removed Mallika's bikini sequence. But we've voluntarily diluted it. Earlier it was an elaborate bathing sequence. But now it is just a passing shot. We've not stressed on the bathing scene. "

In brief, Mallika's bikini act has been considerably edited even before the film was submitted to the censorboard.

Explains Thakeria, "We didn't want family audiences to be pissed off. We've removed anything that can even remotely offend family sensibilities. We earlier changed Ashish Chowdhary's drag-queen's name from Barbara Hori to Barbara Gori (as in gaon ki gori).

We've now removed as much of Mallika's bikini shots as possible. See, we don't want Double Dhamaal to be considered a sex comedy. That was the intended zone me and Indra Kumar deliberately penetrated in Masti. But in Dhamaal we wanted to make a clean fun family comedy. So we even kept girls out in Dhamaal.

I am proud to say Dhamaal features in every family's comedy collection od DVDs. We want the same for Double Dhamaal. And if we have to sacrifice some sexy scenes to preserve our family audiences' faith so be it!"

What about Mallika being pissed off by this enforced vegetarianism in the comic menu?

"Oh she'll be fine. She leaves with us for an international awards pageant in Canada this week where she will perform her item song from our film. That should make her happy, " shoots Thakeria.
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