Ayesha, break ke baad -  I'm still a complete romantic at heart
Thursday, August 11, 2011 13:05 IST
Ayesha Takia is finally done with her sabbatical. Though she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, she does concede that she missed the Bollywood action.

Farhan Azmi (husband) too encouraged her to resume acting, even though he isn't too fond of cinema. "But he's seen all my films, " says a beaming Ayesha.

The actor who will be seen as an independent and mature girl in her upcoming film talks to CS about her family and films:

We are family
I might be playing an independent girl in my next project, but frankly, I'm not too independent. In fact, I'm rather dependent on my family for every decision that I make.

My mother has always been my best friend and Farhan is someone whose advice has always mattered to me.

Though he's not really a film buff, he's enthusiastic about me acting because he knows that it makes me happy. But he's also glad that I'm a part of his business (hospitality).

Business buzz
In fact, all this while during my sabbatical, I've mainly been learning the ropes of his business. But it's not been all work and no play for me. I'm quite a chilled-out person and I make it a point to enjoy what I do.

So Farhan and I head to London almost every month and we end up travelling to Dubai very frequently too. Who says that running a business is boring? For someone like me, who entered the entertainment world at the young age of 16, travelling is a new experience.

I never really got to explore the world till I got married, so now I'm enjoying the experience of seeing new places. And having Farhan for company makes it even more fun.

Heart of the matter
I might be married and all, but I'm still a complete romantic at heart. I'm also a sucker for love stories, so I end up watching all these mushy films. They remind me of the time when I first fell insanely in love.

It feels good to be acting in a romantic film after a long time. Though Wanted had a love story, it was more of an action drama.

But yes, I thoroughly enjoyed acting in Socha Na Tha. That was the time when I started dating Farhan, so the film will always be special to me.

Though I eventually found out that Farhan wasn't too much into films (laughs). But I must say that he's watched every film that I have starred in. And he loved Dor. I hope he likes my upcoming projects too.
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