Kissing clip shocked Kareena!
Tuesday, January 11, 2005 18:26 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
After 'kissing' the controversy of her life, Kareena Kapoor is out in open once again. Though she has put the darkest hours of her life behind her but the pretty lady has some serious questions for the media who had badgered her reputation to the death.

‘‘I've always been brutally honest about my life. So, when I fell in love, I announced it to everyone. Other actresses don't even acknowledge their affairs. So why was I targeted?'' she asks.

Narrating the whole episode as sheer traumatic she further divulges, ‘‘There were moments when I didn't know how to deal with it. I was in shock for three days; I could neither work nor sleep. Shahid just told me to forget the whole thing as a nightmare. Help also came from Salman who's been a real friend by just being there.''

2004 had been a roller-coaster ride for Bebo. Despite delivering superb performances in Chameli and Yuva, she never got her due at the box-office. It was only after Aitraaz and Hulchul, the junior Kapoor got a reason to smile at the year-end.

But along came the Kissing clip, allegedly shot at The Rain, which washed away all the hard work put in by her and once again the media was discussing all sort of things about Kareena but her success.

It was her sheer grit which make Kareena overcome such a disastrous episode in her life and she is once again back at her work.

Today she can be seen hopping the studios once again busy shooting and dubbing for her pending projects. 2005 has bring the new courage for Bebo.

"The bad things ended with the year. I am starting afresh," she states.

But there is one question she also asks, "I just want to know who did this."
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