I realise I overdid it with Rascals
Friday, October 14, 2011 13:18 IST
David Dhawan regrets making 'Rascals'; Sanjay Dutt offers support

About this entertainment industry that often harbours bestial self interest, one would think a demoniacal debacle like Rascals would put an end to the dosti between its producer Sanjay Dutt and director David Dhawan. More so, since Rascals was Dutt's first home-production.

To our surprise, we got to know that the film's staggering slump at the box office had not dampened but rather strengthened the Dutt-Dhawan dosti.

Earlier this week, after the verdict on Rascals was clear, David who was feeling guilty and out-of-sorts about letting his jigri pal down received a surprise call from Dutt telling the director to chill.

"Chalta hai, boss. Makes no difference if the film didn't run. We'll do another film together, " Dutt told the deeply moved director.

David confirmed that Dutt had indeed not taken the Rascals setback to heart. "Yes, Sanju called and we had a long heart-to-heart chat. He is my real-life Munnabhai. Mera dost hai, yaar! Whatever remorse I might have felt at the way Rascals turned out was washed away. There is no room for regret in our relationship."

Now, Dhawan has agreed to quickly do another home-production for Dutt, but only after a break.

Says the spirited filmmaker with a never-say-die attitide, "I need to recharge my batteries. I've been at it for 30 years and I've done more than 40 films.

My son Rohit is about to release his film (Desi Boyz). I need a rejuvenating break. Not that I'm retiring. I've commitments including another film for Sanju. This time, we'll make sure it is a winner all the way."

Talking about the other big lesson that David has learnt from the Rascals experience, he says, "Never ever have trial shows. Yaar, woh log sach nahin batate. The whole world knew it was not up to the mark. Everyone kept praising Rascals at the trials."

In hindsight, David realises that he has gone seriously wrong with his hackneyed formula of two guys panting after a chick. "Ab bahut ho gaya. I realise I overdid it. But I've to tell you, the film is not as big a loser as people are making it out to be."

David promises to come back from his holiday with a new idea and a new formula. "I've to compete with my son now."
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