Saif-Deepika's 'Cocktail' gets delayed
Thursday, December 08, 2011 14:05 IST
The shoot of Saif-Deepika's upcoming film is running behind schedule, thanks to some unruly weather in South Africa

The unit of Saif Ali Khan's next home venture Cocktail, which is being shot in Cape Town, South Africa is currently facing nature's fury.

Bad weather condition is causing the delay in the shoot of the film and consequently making a heavy dent in the producer's pocket.

A birdie from Cape Town reveals, "We are way behind the schedule due to bad weather conditions and excessive winds.

Since most of our scenes are shot, we have no choice but to wait for the conditions to improve. The source adds, "One has little control over such unforeseen things.

It was supposed to be a 15 day-schedule but we have been here for 20 days and still have not been able to finish the shooting.

If it goes on like this I am afraid we may have to come back leaving the shoot midway. It's quite expensive for the producers to park the entire crew in Cape Town for a week without work."

The film directed by Homi Adjania stars Deepika Padukone and a new girl opposite Saif Ali Khan. The producers remained unavailable for comment.
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