Neha's 'Sheesha' mirrors Sex!
Friday, February 11, 2005 11:43 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
With a majority of the big star-studded films taking a backlash at the box-office, a few ingenuous producers are now banking on medium budget suspense thrillers with a lot of sex appeal thrown in for the frontbenchers. Take the example of producers Sunil Saini, Guddu Dhanoa and Deepak Sharma.

The trio came together a year ago with the idea of making medium-budget films shot in a record span of time and are eagerly looking forward to the release of their first film, Sheesha.

The Neha Dhupia-Sonu Sood starrer, directed by Ashu Trikha, scheduled for release this week, has lately aroused a lot of curiosity for its hot promos featuring Neha Dhupia in some very bold scenes. Producer Sunil Saini however feels that there is not much to the scenes in the film.

"It is not as if we are banking on Neha's bold scenes in the film. She has definitely exposed to a certain extent in the film, which is a normal trend these days but it is in no way close to her role in 'Julie'," he says.

In fact, Saini, director Ashu Trikha and T-series, the music rights holders of the film, had a tough time altering a couple of sexy promos, which did not confirm to the newly introduced channel norms. "The new rules in Star and Zee, are explicit about how bold the promos ought to be which is why we had to alter some of them but we have nevertheless managed to generate a great curiosity about the film," Saini reveals.

What is even more exciting though is that Saini and his other two partners are almost mid-way through their next film, 'Siskiyaan', which once again stars the Neha Dhupia-Sonu Sood jodi. The shooting of the film, being directed by Ashwini Chaudhary of Dhoop fame, began a month and a half ago and Saini is hoping to wrap it up by the end of this month. "Neha and Sonu make an excellent pair on screen and both are professional to the core. In fact, we are looking forward to working with Neha in more films," Saini reveals.

Meanwhile, the trio has signed Ashu Trikha to direct one more film for their banner. "We are in the process of planning four more projects and Ashu will direct one of them. I think it is far more convenient to produce medium-budget films and finish shooting them in a start-to-finish schedule. You are assured of your investment and also a certain margin of profit. It is any day better than the big-budget starrers which bomb at the box-office leaving the producers and distributors, high and dry," Saini adds.
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