'I Was Jobless Before Marriage'
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 14:23 IST
Vivek Oberoi talks about how tying the knot has brought him luck and lots of work

The quaint lanes of Charni Road have turned into a gangster's abode over the past few days. He's not a gangster at work, but one in love.

Residents of Khotachiwadi watch with wide-eyes as a new and improved Vivek Oberoi aka Jayanta Bhai shoots on the sets of his latest film.

And though the actor refused to show off his brand-new, beefed-up look by keeping his shirt on, Vivek had little problem shedding inhibitions for this candid conversation with us (in between giving takes).

How has life changed after marriage?
No matter how busy you are or how terrible your day is, you can go back home, hold your wife (Priyanka) and feel like everything's going to be alright. That's how I feel.

I feel fortunate that I have someone so rooted and real in my life. There is a kind of stillness in me now and hence I feel phenomenally focused on work.

Do you think it has brought you luck, because the next two years seem to be a roll for you as far as work goes?
Of course! I was sitting at home. I did not have a single film. I was jobless before marriage. And now I have six-seven films. A crazy calendar!

And ironically you have less time now for your wife?
It's been hectic, but she makes an effort to come and watch me work.

Even today, she drove down with me all the way to town, watched me till lunch- time and then said, "I think that's enough, now I need to go shop." (Laughs)

It's never easy being a star wife....
She isn't a star wife. In fact, she is the antithesis of a star wife. She goes to Chor Bazaar and shops, instead of a mall.

She does things that make her happy. She doesn't take any of this too seriously, and that's the best part about her. I try to pamper her in my own way!

Coming back to your films, are you not taking up too many films with the gangster theme? Any apprehension of repeating yourself?
I have done Chandu and Maya, just the two of them. This film too is about the humane side of a gangster.

Then yes, there is another smalltown film where I play a schoolteacher, who picks up the gun as an antidote to the problems around him. I'm sure I will eke out the shades.

And then you play a roadside romeo-kind of guy in Sanjay Khanduri's film....
My character is a nice guy, but the only problem is he is extremely horny. He is driven by one organ only and obviously that lands him in all kinds of trouble.

What went wrong with Sanjay Gupta? He said that you were unprofessional in backing out of his film.
It's a pity that it happened and I am sure that if reflected upon in another frame of mind, the responses would be a lot more civilised.

As an actor the only choices we have are to choose our films and no one can question that choice.

Nothing was on paper, so no one can blame me for it. It was a professional decision for me and I wish them luck.
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