There's no tongue in Meera's Kiss!

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There`s no tongue in Meera`s Kiss!
Wednesday, March 02, 2005 15:09 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Pakistani film actress Meera has threatened court action against all those who have tried to defame her image in Pakistan by alleging that she had performed vulgar scene in a Bollywood movie.

The Daily Times quoted her as saying, that if Pakistan's Ministry of Culture imposes a fine on her or puts her under a ban, she would take up the matter with the court.

She said that she had not performed any vulgar scenes in the movie at all, adding that the Ministry of Culture should on the contrary watch Punjabi and Pushto movies produced in Punjab.

"I have not performed any vulgar scene in the film", the paper quoted Meera as saying.

Her co-star Ashmit also defends Meera and says,"It's a peck on the cheek. So what's all the commotion about? It's not even a proper kiss!"

However, Bhatts have a split opinion about the entire issue.

According to the director Soni Razdan: "The kiss is definitely part of the film. But today it has divided our house in two groups.

"The kiss is not hot. There is no tongue like in Jism or Murder. It's not climaxing into copulation, but a climax of longing ending in a hug after which the camera pulls out. If I remove it, it will lose its impact. I don't have an issue about it, if as producer, Mahesh orders me to remove the kiss. But I don't understand what is so terrible about a kiss?"

But Mahesh Bhatt on the other hand is in no mood to stir the hornest's nest.

"Soni asks me how can the sensibilities of a foreign country infringe upon India and our freedom of expression and it is very unfair if you get browbeaten by a medieval faction. But I am at the receiving end and I have the responsibility of bridge building.

"Anything that upsets their sensibilities I wouldn't be a party to. I didn't know there would be so much of hullabaloo that I would be writing to the President of Pakistan about it. Since we plan to have a theatrical release of Nazar in Pakistan, anything that we show there has to be monitored," he says.

Earlier the Ministry of Culture had reportedly raised a hue and cry over some kissing-scenes Meera did with Ashmit Patel in Soni Razdan's Nazar and was even contemplating putting a ban on Pakistani actors from acting in Indian films.

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