'Slap Bonanza' on Pavitra Rishta sets
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 13:44 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Actress Asha Negi who plays the lead Purvi in Zee TV's primetime show Pavitra Rishta recently had a drama of her own to face on the sets when a scene required her to get slapped by co-star Shruti Kanwar who plays Ovi.

A little reluctant to be slapped for real, the actress had already sent feelers to the director asking for the scene to be captured using camera tricks that make it look like a real slap though her co-star Shruti's hand never actually touches her cheeks.

It seemed Purvi told the director, "I have never been slapped in my whole life and I would really prefer to keep it that way!"

Looking at her reluctance to be slapped, the director and her Pavitra Rishta co-stars Ankita Lokhande and Shruti Kanwar teamed up and decided it was time for Purvi to be a sport and be slapped for real-not once, not twice but atleast 6 times.

They however asked "Shruti the slapper" to go easy with the force so that Asha doesn't get actually hurt, but just exasperated and frustrated while shooting.

So when it was time to shoot the scene, Asha was bewildered when actual slaps landed on her face and worse still, retakes after retakes were called for.

When after the sixth take, the director asked for yet another retake, Asha said to the director, "This is not fair ... we had a discussion about the slap, didn't we?"

That is when all the co-conspirators jumped in, burst out laughing and hugged Asha, explaining how they'd all decided to get her slapped for real on seeing the way she was trying to chicken out of the scene.

Shruti who delivered all the slaps laughed out the loudest but insisted, "Those were the softest slaps anyone could have asked for ... so you better not crib, Asha!"

The current track has Shruti who plays Archana's daughter Ovi discovering that the love of her life Arjun (played by Rithvik Dhanjani) is seeing Archana's adopted daughter Purvi (Asha Negi).

In an angry outburst, she slaps Purvi for attempting to steal a man who belongs to her.

Pavitra Rishta will now see a love triangle of sorts where Archana will be caught in a dilemma as either way, one of her daughters will be hurt.
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