We Indians don't need superheroes who wear underwear outside: Salman
Tuesday, July 31, 2012 13:25 IST
Salman Khan jamming with kids of The Dharavi Project talks about love and being almost a superhero

Spiderman, Batman, Salman?
`It is a nice thought, but I hope this doesn't make me into a caricature. We don't need a mosquito to bite us or wear our underwear outside, we Indians don't need superheroes. In our culture, no one wants to see failure.

Kids are crazy about my films because I'm now doing films that I would see in my childhood. If I'm enjoying it then I'm sure kids will also be enjoying it.`

A child at heart
`I should have got Sajid-Wajid with me, they would have played for these kids and things would have gone to a new level altogether, but their father is not keeping well so they could not make it. I'm hoping I can use the talent of these kids at some gig in the future.`

Bhai talk
`When I was promoting Tere Naam, I was telling people to see the film but never to follow the role. The character is a loser. A girl leaves him and he keeps on crying... move on, there are other girls. I don't take terms like bhai too seriously.

If you start thinking about it, it doesn't look natural. I say go with the flow. Abhi achcha time hai, but the worst thing about good time is also that it doesn't last forever (laughs). Actually I have had quite a long run.`
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