Sex is not a bad thing: Sunny Leone

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Sex is not a bad thing: Sunny Leone
Friday, August 03, 2012 20:20 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Adult film star-turned-actress Sunny Leone is visibly excited about her Hindi cinema debut. All about 'Jism 2', her character, and lots more about her personality...she gets talking in an exclusive uncensored chat...

If the promos and posters of her debut film, 'Jism 2' weren't enough, Sunny Leone herself is in town to set the temperature soaring as she promotes the film. Amidst a number of other promotional activities, she takes time out for a chat as we travel with her to her hotel.

Her chirpiness, and child-like bubbly smile, makes you forget where she's come from. While we travel, she sees huge hoarding of 'Jism 2' on the way.

She has a huge smile seeing that. `You know, I don't really know how to feel. All this is so new for me. I'd never thought someday, I'd see myself like this, on these huge posters as I travel.

I've always desired to be a part of Hindi films, but I never gave much prominence to that thought, because I thought it could never happen. Never had I anticipated that I'd see myself on the 70mm. I guess, I feel really good,` she says.

But tell her that the promos are a rage already, and the music has gained popularity and she turns modest. `These are just the promos. I want people to see the film and like the film. I hope they do,` says Sunny.

Interestingly, her character in the film, Izna, is also a pornstar. Though, she denies any kind of similarity to her real self.

`The film is a journey of a girl struggling with love. We all have a past, things in our past. And how do you react when your past comes in front of you. She struggles. She innocently gets trapped in all the chaos created by Arunoday and Randeep's character.`

She further adds, `Izna is really different from what I am. I've never met a girl in my life ever. She's a character created in the beautiful mind of Mr Mahesh Bhatt.`

And while she has mentioned her co-stars Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda, how was the experience working with them?

`Arunoday is a lot of fun. He always makes you laugh, and keep the atmosphere light on the sets. So, we share a very friendly bonding. Randeep on the other hand, is very serious. He's always into his character while the rest of us were serious only when the shot was taken.

And you know Randeep hasn't shot many lovemaking scenes in his earlier films, so, he could be a little apprehensive, but I think, we were comfortable then,` she smiles.

Oh and here's the topic of lovemaking scenes. We wonder how different was it for Sunny, like the whole experience of shooting an intimate scene. If you know, what me mean.

She laughs, `You know the only difference is that here it was all choreographed. Like the hand should go like this, and all. Films that I shoot, we shoot an hour of lovemaking scene, and then edit and use the parts of the shot we liked.

Here in Hindi films, we try to make the director's vision come true. Pooja (Bhatt) had her vision as to how she wanted it. So, we were working towards making her happy, and make it look good. A lot of detailing is needed here.`

The debutante is also all praise for director Pooja Bhatt. `Pooja and Dino Morea have worked 24 hours each day on this film. And I've learnt so much from Pooja. So many details, like she tells me not to blink my eye and all. It has been an enriching experience.` This certainly contradicts, those stories in the media, of a tiff among Sunny and Pooja.

Though, Sunny doesn't feel that the film is too bold, the censor board obviously has issues. And Hindi cinema is certainly not well- versed with extremely bold content. It's more difficult to break the mould, because of stereotypes that have set it. What does Sunny feel about it?

`You know, cinema is changing now. Cinema has always keep changing, and it will continue to do so. We need to accept that change. Things you see now on TV are different than what you saw 10 years back.

Change is inevitable, or else we wouldn't learn. And sex is not a bad thing. It's what culminates among two people who are truly, madly, deeply, in love. It's something beautiful that people do, that results into beautiful babies,` she smiles.

Whatever her profession be, her personal life is rocking. Infact, nothing makes her happy than spending time with her family. It's endearing to know that behind this sexy hot star, is a simple girl, who is actually a nerd. Yes, a nerd, you heard it right.

I'm such a nerd. I always carry books to read. When we were once on the flight going for the shoot, I was making a scarf, and everyone in the crew was laughing at me. Then I decided not to do it in front of them (laughs). I love dogs, I keep adopting dogs, and urge people to do so.

I love spending time with my husband, we go surfing and all. But I guess, you must ask my husband how I am as a person." She calls her husband and he says, "You know the best thing about Sunny is, she is always so cute. I'm stressed, and if at all, one has any problem, and you talk to her, you can't help but feel good. She's so positive."

Well, now we know why Sunny married Daniel Weber. We're sure, she's set to sizzle the silver screen, with jaws dropping, as 'Jism 2' releases this week.

Post 'Jism 2', she shall commence shooting for Ekta Kapoor's 'Ragini MMS' that she confirms being a part of.

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