Akki has changed his ways of idol worship and praying
Monday, September 17, 2012 13:38 IST
Post shooting for his upcoming film, Akshay Kumar has changed his ways of idol worship and praying

Despite his secular credentials, Akshay Kumar is known for wearing his faith on his sleeves.

Be it his tendency towards making films with predominantly Sikh background or crooning Singh is King with the religious symbols perfectly in place. But after working in his latest film in which he's portraying God, Akshay feels that there have been some changes in the way he thinks and perceives the idea of religion.

The quintessential Khiladi adds that he's a changed person now in terms of religious expression.

Right from the time he was shooting for the film till the day he wrapped up with his schedule, his ways of worshipping have undergone a sea change and the expression has apparently toned down too. He also wants to make sure he reduces spending money in the name of religion just for the heck of it.

Akki tells us, `Though it's a personal thing, I think the character I'm portraying and the narrative that goes with it was a complete eye opener for me. As the result of that, I have literally changed my ways of idol worshipping and praying.`
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