1920 Evil Returns is scary
Thursday, November 01, 2012 11:10 IST
By: Faisal Saif, Santa Banta News Network
/> Cast: Aftab Shivdasani, Tia Bajpai, Vidya Malwade, Sagar Saikia

Directed by: Bhushan Patel

Ratings: * * *

After Raaz, 1920, Haunted, Shaapit and Raaz 3D, Vikram Bhatt this time writes and produces another Horror film 1920 Evil Returns. One cannot really call this one a sequel to 1920, But 1920 Evil Returns can be an re-awakening of 1920. The film is being directed by Bhushan Patel who was earlier an associate director with Vikram Bhatt.

1920 Evil Returns also brings back the Vikram Bhatt-Aftab Shivdasani's 'Kasoor' combination after a long time.

The film is a Horror which revolves around Jaidev Verma (Aftab Shivdasani), a poet who lives the life of a loner as he is always in search of his Love. He only has a sister Karuna (Vidya Malwade) who always supports him. One day he meets Smruti (Tia Bajpai) near a lake under mysterious circumstances of being possessed.

Jaidev brings her home and takes care of her against the wishes of his sister, who doesn't want Smruti to stay as she senses something wrong with her. During the course of time, Jaidev finds out that Smruti has lost her memory and does not remember anything from her past life except for his poems.

Jaidev decides to take Smruti to Shimla to get her treated in a big hospital. On their way, while resting in a guest house, strange haunting sounds start to emanate. Smruti gets possessed by a spirit (Sagar Saikia).

The film has lots of spooky moments that gives you Jolt and Shocks. The scary atmosphere is very well conceived. Especially the scene where Jaidev is taking rest in the guest house along with Smruti where she gets possessed is outstanding. Plus the background score of the film is just amazing and equally goes step-by-step with every fear building scene in the film.

Performance wise, Tia Bajpai rocks. Actually at one point of time, You start feeling without Tia Bajpai, This film wouldn't had been possible. It's really good to see Aftab Shivdasani back on the screen after a long time. Aftab is brilliant and his performance somewhere reminds you of his character that he played in 'Kasoor'. Vidya Malwade and Sagar Saikia are equally good.

The camera work by Naren Gedia is simply superb which helps the director Bhushan Patel's vision in creating the eerie atmosphere. This film doesn't looks like a First Timer Director's film. Bhushan Patel is the director to watch out for. Musically, Chirantan Bhatt does a good job.

The film is again a Horror Masterpiece from the house of Vikram Bhatt and his team which surely scares the hell out of you along with some amazing shock values. If you really want to get scared, Go for this one.
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