Dil Tainu Karda Hai Pyar

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Dil Tainu Karda Hai Pyar
Friday, November 02, 2012 17:56 IST
By Kamaljit Kaur, Santa Banta News Network

Starring : Gulzar Inder Singh Chahal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Kanwaljit Singh among others

Director : Ajay Pannalal (Jaidev Kumar's younger brother)

Writer : Dheeraj Ratan (Jihne Mera Dil Luteya, Mel Karade Rabba fame)

Genre : Romantic comedy

Rating: * * 1/2

Dil Tainu Karda Ae Pyar boasts of traditional morals with a modern outlook. Light‐hearted yet one for the romantics, DTKAP is a film catering to the young, youth and the wise.

Neetu Singh (Nikki) is an NRI who is full of life, returns to Punjab from Canada to get married after finding out that her boyfriend, Vikram has been cheating on her. At the airport, she meets Baljit (Gulzar Inder Chahal), a young handsome boy who is heartbroken and hopeless after a failed suicide attempt.

Since Nikki's mobile is almost dead, she asks Vikram to call her at Baljit's mobile. When she leaves, Vikram calls back again and Baljit hears the conversation where Vikram threatens to commit suicide; and Baljit gets convinced that Vikram is innocent. Baljit then decides to find Nikki and reunite her with Vikram.

Nikki meets her fiancee Daljit (Rohit Khurana) who is a dreaded and respectable cop. He falls in love with Nikki and in the process begins to trust Baljit as a friend not knowing that he has plans to send Nikki back to Canada to marry Vikram.

Somehow, Baljit convinces Nikki of Vikram's innocence and not realizing that Vikram is actually a cheater and accomapnies Nikki to drop her at the airport so that she may leave for Canada. From the airport, when Baljit calls up Vikram to inform about this, Vikram's girlfriend Catherine takes the call.

Thus he learns about Vikram's flanderings. As a rseult, Baljit invites Vikram to India to teach him a lesson. What happens next is a series of entertaining yet emotional tangling; and eventually untangling of the characters' emotions, innocence and love.

Neetu Singh (Nikki) really looks gorgeous in the movie and has given a stellar performance. Winning the title of "Miss Punjaban" has really been helpful in getting the exposure to hone her skills as an actor of substance. She certainly is here to stay in Punjwood.

Baljit (Gulzar Inder Singh Chahal) is an experienced and talented film actor and producer. He has performed well in the main lead and brags of good performances in "Jag Jeyondeya De Mele" and "Yaara O Dildaara" with Harbhajan Maan and later in Puneet Issar's "I am Singh"

After making his name in Colors Channel's daily soap 'Uttaran' in which he played the role of Vansh, it is a debut film for Rohit Khurana who has given a good show of his acting prowess. Gurpreet Ghuggi and Kanwaljit Singh are the other important names starring in the film who are seasoned campaigners.

"Dil Tenu Karda Ae Pyar" is shot in the luscious backdrop of urban Punjab and accentuated with lilting music that touches you heart. Music Director, Jaidev Kumar has outdone himself with songs by both Harbajan Mann and Gurdas Mann in one album.

The album kicks off with Mahi Mahi sung by Feroz Khan and Sumitra Iyer and it comes out as a soft track with excellent music. Next up (Peeni Ae Peeni Ae) is a full of masti song followed by (Sat Sri Akal Ji) which is a bhangra beat song by all time favourite (Harbhajan Maan). He sung this song with his popular style of singing.

Next one, Kyun Gaye (Shahid Mallya) is a sad song with soft music. "Tera Suit Punjabi" by Feroz Khan and Simran Tripat is a traditional folk song. Followed by (Thodi Der Pehlan) is also a soft song with magical voice of (Arvinder Singh and Tulsi Kumar) Next Track (Sone Sahiba) is also by (Shahid Mallya) and he is at his best in this song.

Just listen to this song and you'll be exalted by the magic of his voice. The last track "Kyun Gaye" is an acoustic version by Farhan Saeed.

"Dil Tainu Karda Ae Pyar" is a romantic comedy which can be watched by the young and the old and especially be enjoyed by families.

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