Now, a sequel to 'Phas Gaya Re Obama'
Thursday, November 08, 2012 12:15 IST
Close on the heels of Barack Obama's re-election, Ashok Pander announces the sequel of his film that featured the American President

Barack Obama has just been re-elected as the President of USA and Ashok Pander has found this opportunity to announce the sequel to his film Phas Gaya Re Obama. The film has been titled Bach Gaye Re Obama and the casting is said to begin now.

A source informs, `The script has been ready since some time now but the makers wanted to know the results of the US elections so that they could work on the climax. But with Obama's re-election, the climax is now set.`

Our sources add that the makers also want to cast some artistes from Phas Gaye... in this film and the project will be helmed by Anshul Sharma. Pandey tells us, `With Obama once again at the helm, it is a very apt time to make the sequel. It will be a laugh riot.`
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