'Naomi feels for India'
Monday, November 12, 2012 13:55 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
In Jodhpur where Maanav Gangwani was given the impossible task of dressing up both super-model Naomi Campbell and her boyfriend Vladimir Doronin, the designer says it was `five days of hard work, sweat and alcohol`.

Maanav, a long-standing friend of Naomi says he was `partying on the job`... `I was given the seemingly impossible task of dressing up both my friend Naomi and her boyfriend Vladimir in Indian clothes. All their Indian attire was done by me. While Naomi has worn my sarees earlier and is familiar with my designs, Vladimir was completely new to my designs and to Indian clothes. `

Apparently it was quite an ordeal to convince Vladimir to get into the Gangwani kurta-pyjamas, sherwanis and band-galas.

`But once he was in them Vladimir owned them. He seemed made for my clothes. As for Naomi she feels the fabric, cares for the brand. Having her wear my clothes is a privilege beyond words, ` gushes Gangwani.

The besotted designer describes Naomi as the `only supermodel in the world` and also the `most misunderstood woman on this planet. `

Says Maanav, `Naomi is equipped with the DNA for love. She is so caring and affectionate it's amazing how misunderstood she is in the world media. In my 33 years I've never across anyone as caring and generous. Naomi personally looked after every guest, and that included the seating arrangement at the dinners and lunches.

She was all there, personally interacting with everyone. Naomi and Vladimir know to love and respect every friend's emotions. You should see how Naomi looks after her team. I've never seen such a team spirit in any celebrity. `

Maanav was of course having a ball on the job. `I was being looked after like a prince and at the same time I was constantly looking into Naomi and Vladmir's clothes. Like I said I dressed them up in all their India attire. I didn't get time to sleep or look at my watch. `

Back home in Delhi after 5 days of hard bingeing in Jodhpur Maanav says foreigner celebrities bring a lot of warmth to India.
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