Race 2: Jacqueline's look modeled after Angelina Jolie?
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 15:40 IST
Jacqueline Fernandez's look in 'Race 2' is modeled after the Hollywood actress

Jacqueline Fernandez's appearance in Abbas Mustan's upcoming film is said to be inspired by Angelina Jolie's in the 2010 thriller Salt.

The Hollywood hottie's role in Phillip Noyce's 2010 thriller was action oriented and Jacqueline's character in the film, too, does high octane action sequences. A source says, `Jacqueline will be sporting jet black, poker straight hair with a fringe just like Angelina Jolie.`

Adds the source, `The makers were keen on giving Jacqueline a very international look and she mentioned the film Salt and the makers seemed very keen on her suggestion.`

On her part, Jacqueline trained extensively to attain the desired look. She worked with a Vietnamese trainer and also practised sword fighting to fit in the character.
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