Priyanka and I are in touch all the time: Gerard Butler

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Priyanka and I are in touch all the time: Gerard Butler
Tuesday, December 04, 2012 13:12 IST

The British actor refutes recent reports on his drinking problems while talking about his upcoming film 'Playing For Keeps'

In B-town, Gerard Butler is popular as Priyanka Chopra's best friend from Hollywood. However, across the globe, he is known for essaying Leonidas in 300.

Having starred in over 25 films so far, the grey-eyed Scottish actor is thrilled about his forthcoming romantic comedy in which he's playing a football coach and romancing Jessica Biel. In a tete-a-tete, Gerard talks about life, cinema, music and a lot more...

You are a huge football enthusiast yourself, how much did that help you in getting into the skin of the character?
For this movie, I really started playing football a lot. It was a lot of work. I was very active when I was younger. That was my sport. I was a great player but I wasn't a skillful player who can do all the tricks and keep it up but now I am a guy who can do tricks and keep it up too!

Did the father-son kinship portrayed in the film help you cope with your own past? (He met his father for the first time at the age of 16.)
Yeah. Whenever I hangout with kids especially cool kids like Noah (Lomax, co-star) who is truly an amazing child. He's just so sweet, funny, humble and smart. When I was spending time with Noah, I used to think, `Oh God, I would love to have a kid like this!` Wouldn't it be cool to be a father?

You recently turned 43. Any plans to settle down?
Absolutely, I would like to have a family. I find it very appealing.

And while shooting for this film, you were writing songs and recording an album?
I was actually writing a few songs at that time and Johnny Depp and I've jammed a few times before and that's how he introduced me to Marilyn Manson and Jack Black.

There were also reports about you checking into rehab...
Well, I'm not an alcoholic. I haven't had a drink in 15 years.

You've been to India and were supposed to revisit last month. Are there any plans to be here anytime soon?
I am hoping to visit India soon and I hope I get a visa at least this time around!

Do you see yourself acting in a Bollywood film?
Why not? Indian film industry is great. If I get an opportunity, I'll definitely grab it without a second thought.

Lastly, are you in touch with Priyanka Chopra?
Priyanka's been a great friend and we are in touch all the time.

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