Will Akshay break his silence?
Sunday, December 09, 2012 13:27 IST
Sources say Akshay Kumar is getting ready to face the media after Bombay High Court's hearing on December 17 regarding Anita Advani's domestic violence case against his family.

Ever since the demise of his father-in-law Rajesh Khanna, Akshay Kumar and his family have remained tight-lipped about allegations levelled by the late actor's live-in partner Anita Advani. However, according to our sources, Akshay is all set to speak to the media for the first time on the matter most probably on December 18.

Akki is scheduled to hold a press conference a day after the Bombay High Court's hearing on Advani's case of domestic violence against the family.

A source close to the Khanna family says, `As of now the family has been strictly asked not to speak to members of the press. They will break their silence after the hearing.`

In her complaint, Advani has sought for a monthly maintenance of R 10 lakh and an access to the late superstar's Carter Road bungalow.

Prakash Rohra, a close friend and business partner of Khanna says, `I was Kakaji's friend for many years. All the claims made by Anita are false.`

Advani had also claimed that she had paid for the renovation work that took place in Aashirwad. However, Rohra states, `Anita didn't get it done. It was my construction company that did the job.`
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