Day 64 in 'Bigg Boss 6': Urvashi, Delnaaz enter a verbal spat
Tuesday, December 11, 2012 13:39 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
The day begins with Imam having an argument early in the morning with Nirahua, Vishal and Sapna

The day begins with the song Ruki ruki thi zindagi, and as everyone in the house wake up Imam is seen having an argument early in the morning with Nirahua, Vishal and Sapna

He calls Sapna to show that he is doing his duties and not escaping, just like a few people blamed him. Sapna tells him that it has been 10 weeks in the house and no one has ever picked up an argument on daily chores, but he is adamant to argue over anything and everything that comes his way.

After a while, Sapna and Urvashi talk about how Vishal deserves to be on the stretcher since because of him, Bigg Boss took away their sun rest chairs. Just then, Vishal, Nirahua and Santosh are seen debating how Vishal will do his duty of cleaning the utensils on the stretcher.

As the day passes, Bigg Boss announces a luxury budget task called Times Pass. As the housemates get prepped to perform the task, Sapna and Niketan have a small argument on the strategy of performing the task.

In the meanwhile, Urvashi is called to the confession room and is given a secret task called Hear in. She has to execute all the orders that she receives from Bigg Boss and has to ensure that she performs it without any other housemate noticing her.

As per Bigg Boss's orders, Urvashi starts fulfilling her duties, when all the housemates begin to think she has gone bonkers. Aashka, Sana and Delnaaz are seen talking about how she is doing random things and blaming people around for things that have happened a while ago. The trio thinks why she is bringing past issues up now, while Urvashi continues doing her task with utmost ease.

In the evening, Rajev is seen blasting Imam for consuming food that was cooked for the entire house. Imam tries clearing it out, but Rajev does not listen and the two end up having a heated argument.

Urvashi and Delnaaz are then seen having an argument and Delnaaz vents out in front of Aashka, Sana, Sapna, Rajev and Imam that she has never opened her mouth in the house yet, but she does not intend to keep shut any more.

Niketan tries calming Urvashi down, but Urvashi refuses to listen. Along with Delnaaz, Imam breaks down too and asks Delnaaz if it is because of him that Urvashi picked up a fight and tries to calm Delnaaz down.

After a while, Rajev goes to talk to Delnaaz with the intention of calming her down, but she pays no heed to him and continues shouting at Urvashi. Rajev asks her not to shout when he is talking, but Delnaaz does not react and continues fuming.

In the night, Karishma is seen clarifying with Santosh if all that he does and all the songs he sings for her is just a joke or he really means it to which Santosh replies saying he is just joking. All his antics were suddenly making her believe like he is really in love with her, but she is pacifies hearing it is all just a joke.

As the day ends, Rajev tries to calm Urvashi down by talking to her and telling her that her fighting with Delnaaz makes no sense to which Urvashi replies that Delnaaz has been against her since Day 1.

According to Urvashi, Delnaaz had told Mink that she has never believed in Urvashi since the day they entered the house. Urvashi feels bad about the same and tells Rajev that it is Delnaaz who has betrayed their friendship and not her.
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