Dolly Bindra is a 'nuisance' for neighbours in real

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Dolly Bindra is a `nuisance` for neighbours in real
Monday, December 17, 2012 15:44 IST

Residents accuse the actress of disturbing peace of the society they stay in

Residents accuse the actress of disturbing peace of the society they stay in, claim that Bindra has been using abusive language towards children and senior citizens

Dolly Bindra, who notoriously stirred things up on a reality show two years ago, has now caused tension in the housing society where she resides with her family.

Residents of Bhoomi Classic society on Malad Link Road have registered a complaint with the Malad police station against Bindra. The complaint was filed after Bindra allegedly disturbed residents of the society and used abusive language on several occasions.

Last week, Pooja Sunil Khandpur, an event manager, filed the complaint against Bindra with Malad police for creating nuisance in the society and threatening her family, including her two daughters.

`For nine years, I have been tolerating all her nonsense but now she has crossed the limit and started talking abusively with my daughters. I had first filed a complaint against her in the month of February when she had abused my elder daughter, ` said Khandpur.

According to her, Bindra keeps intimidating them by using Salman Khan's name. `She has started showing her attitude very loudly ever since she came back from Bigg Boss 4. Even when she was on the show, her sister would create a nuisance in the society, ` Khandpur added.

Allegedly, Bindra keeps threatening to involve Salman Khan in the matter. Salman's bodyguard Shera also called up Pooja's sister's husband and complained about her.

However, the whole society is perturbed with Bindra's misbehavior. K Rao, chairman of the society, said, `She is a disturbing character and we are building a case against her. We are in talks with a lawyer to lodge a complaint against her. Things are in process and society will take some action against her for creating a nuisance for residents. I stay in the next wing, but I still hear her voice all the time from within my home.`

Anjana Vinay, another resident, said that the society members don't send their children down to play fearing Bindra.

`The kids avoid talking to her and she has even abused them for no reason. They are not sent down to play just because she will create a scene.`

Amit Matalia, society committee member, said, `She has even slapped a senior citizen, who was the chairmen of the society committee.`

Residents have collected almost 50 signatures in one day to lodge a complaint against Bindra for disturbing the society and harassing residents.

Pawan Shetty, a resident, said, `She was abusing an old lady for some petty reason and when I interfered, she turned her anger towards me. My mother had to be hospitalized after her behaviour.`

According to the residents, Bindra has also installed a personal CCTV to keep an eye on the activities of the residents.

`The camera which she has installed in the entrance of the wing is another nuisance for us and it's a sad thing that even the police are not taking action.

We are afraid that she may misuse the videos which she records, ` said Khandpur.

Bindra shifted to the society in 2003 and according to the society members, she has been creating problems since then. Residents are currently collecting evidence against her so that they can ask her to leave the society.

The Other side

When MiD DAY contacted Dolly Bindra, she said the complainant was trying to gather publicity. `I do not wish to comment, and will discuss the issue in a press conference, ` she said.

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