Revealed: What's all the fuss between Katrina and her Haidresser Promila

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Revealed: What`s all the fuss between Katrina and her Haidresser Promila
Monday, December 17, 2012 15:55 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network

It's rare, though not exceptionally so, for Bollywood stars to stand by their loyal staff members. Akshay Kumar's Man-Friday Nitin has been with him for 20 years. And Salman Khan's bodyguard Sheroo has been a part of the star's inner cirle for 15 years.

Katrina who admits she has learnt the ropes of career management from Akshay and Salman has also been busy cultivating a core group of trusted staffers whom she needs to be around, specially since she has no family member to depend on in Mumbai. Among them is her hairdresser Promila whom the star trusts for much more than just her hair.

Recent reports that Promila had been `sacked` by Katrina had the actress so incensed that she decided to put an end to all speculation on the staff reliability issue. Henceforth Promila gets to do her hair in every film, come what may.

To rewind a bit...Katrina Kaif's long-standing hairdresser Promila Hunter is part of her core group of trusted staffers. When recent reports, prompted by Promila's absence from the team associated with Dhoom 3, suggested that Promila has been sacked the actress was deeply wounded and angry.

Vowing to never allow her staff to be a victim of dismissive gossip Katrina has now decided to ensure that Promila does her hair in every film. This, one hears, would be stipulated in Katrina's contracts-much to to relief joy and gratitude to the veteran hairdresser.

Says a close friend of Katrina, `The speculation about Promilaji no longer being a part of Katrina's inner circle started because the hairdresser had been changed in Dhoom 3.

This was taken to mean that Promila was no longer working with Katrina, when in fact a new hairdresser Meera from London had been brought in because Katrina's hair needed a special kind of treatment in Dhoom 3 where during stunts the tresses don't look distressed. They needed a hairdresser who does shampoo and conditioner ads. `

Apparently the speculation about her hairdresser's sacking made Katrina see red.

`She is not prone to losing her temper. But when reports of Promilaji's dismissal came out Katrina was openly upset. Promilaji has worked with the likes of Rati Agnihotri in the past. That's how senior she is. To read that she has been dismissed, left Katrina very angry, ` says the friend.

The actresss has now decided that Promila would be doing her hair for all films. And this would be stated in her contracts.

Says Katrina's friend, `In Mumbai there are some people in Katrina's life who are her family away from home. Promilaji is one of them. You don't sack family. `

In fact Katrina who made a guest appearance in Promila Hunter's first production has urged the lady to start another production where Katrina would play a major role.

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