I am chubby not a sexy chick: Alia Bhatt
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 13:29 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Alia Bhatt is the latest hottie of Bollywood. Post the success of her debut film Student Of The Year, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt's 19-year-old daughter is in a mood to party. Sreya Basu chats up with the actress in Mumbai

Are you enjoying your new-found stardom?
Ya, that's lots of fun and exciting. In fact, I get more excited when I meet people and they try to recognize me. They try to remember my name and I wait for them to remember that, and take pictures with them. Life's not that different given that I am only one-film-old. But I feel very happy when people recognize me and appreciate my work. And that makes me want to work in more and more films.

How does it feel to suddenly have so many cameras flashing at you post Student Of The Year success?
It's always nice to have so many cameras focusing on me because too many cameras mean they will take too many pictures of me and so many pictures are always too good for my profile.

You played a fashionista in Student Of The Year. How fashion conscious are you in real life?
Alia Bhatt was not fashion conscious before she met Karan Johar (director of Student Of The Year). After meeting him, she has now become a fashionista.

Tell us about your style statement.
As of now I don't know what's my style statement, but I wear bright colours depending on the season. For example, in winter, I wear more subdued colours like black, grey, blue and purple, while in summer, I prefer to wear more whites, yellow, orange and pink.

What do you prefer for make-up?
Choosing which make-up I should wear depends on what time of the day it is. I always believe less is more. But if I have to go out on night events, I always prefer to accentuate my eyes and making that dark because that gives a kind of grungy look which I like.

What's your biggest asset?
I think my eyes. I don't think I am sexy, so I don't know what my sex appeal is.

Who is your youth icon?
My youth icon is Ranbir Kapoor.

The Indian edition of Europe's leading style magazine Grazia has chosen you as its covergirl for a party issue. How did it feel?
I was shooting for Grazia for the first time and was very excited the moment I got the theme, which is very close to how I am.

And that is?
Well, I am young, fun, grungy, party type. And I shot for a party issue, which symbolizes who I am, what I should ideally be doing as a 19- year-old.

How did the shoot go?
The way I look on the cover is actually beyond my imagination because I never knew I will be able to pull off a tight bun as I always thought my face is very chubby .... I was and am always a chubby chick, you see. Also, to make my eyes extra dark, I had to wear very painful lenses. But it looks good on the cover and I am very happy.

This is not the first time you featured on a magazine cover.
Ya, but I have never launched a cover single-handedly. I have always done such a thing with Sidharth (Malhotra) and Varun (Dhawan) (her Student Of The Year co-stars). But this time I am being on my own and hence excited.

Media buzz says your elder sister Pooja Bhatt (actress-turned-filmmaker) is planning a film with you. True?
Actually my sister Pooja once just mentioned casually that if she ever remade her film Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin (1991), she would do it with me and Ranbir. But nothing of that sort is happening as of now.

You recently walked the red carpet at the International Film Festival of Marrakech in Morocco. How was the experience?
It was a lot of fun. Being at the Marrakech film festival made me feel how lucky I am to be on the same podium with so many big names of our country. It was a great privilege I had to be there and that too because of Karan Johar.

I could see people like Catherine Deneuve (French actress) and Monica Bellucci (Italian actress) in front of me! And it was pleasantly shocking for me to know how famous Bollywood is internationally.
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