Sonam Kapoor's palace on reels
Wednesday, January 09, 2013 11:25 IST
Makers of Khoobsurat remake starring Sonam Kapoor are apparently hunting for a castle in Rajasthan for the film's location

Looks like the makers of the 1980s Khoobsurat remake are planning to go big with their project. While the original Rekha starrer was set in an old bungalow, buzz is that the remake starring Sonam Kapoor will be shot in a Rajasthan palace.

A source close to Anil Kapoor, who is producing the project, says, `The makers want to make the film larger than life. The scale and the stakes will be much higher than the original. They are scouting for a location in Rajasthan.`

We heard that a few palaces have been short-listed and the verdict will be announced soon. Sonam will also apparently meet Rekha to prep for her role.
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