Topless scene shocks Kashmira!
Wednesday, April 20, 2005 11:57 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Our 'Bollywood Bride' Kashmira Shah is back in town from US to promote her new film 'Revati' but what she got instead was the shock of her life. The promos of her Farooqh Siddiqui directorial are on air and showing too much skin than mutually decided by the pretty lady and the producer earlier.

Playing a ragpicker in the film, Shah had shot for oh-soo-sexy bathing scene which was supposed to capture her bare back but the actual scene shot from an angel has captured much more and that's what infuriating Kash.

"I was in shooting for Bollywood Bride in the US. Last week, when I came back and saw the promos, I was aghast. This was not what was shot," she laments and adds, "There is a side shot of me showing my breast, when all I had shot for was a shot of my back without revealing anything. They haven't even shot with a body double so I don't even know how and when they shot these pictures."

When she took up the matter with producer, Vikas Kaate, he completely refused to entertain her request to drop the scene and claimed that the scene was shot with her consent. The producer has even refused to show her the film.

Talking the group of journos he says: "I am shocked at these accusations. When she came to me asking for work I gave her the role of a leading lady. Where would she have got one at this stage? I never took advantage of her and shot stuff which wasn't part of the script or without her consent. I am not doing a sex film. Revati is about a rag picker and it's a social film."

The director Siddiqui also corroborated his producer's claims and asks "Is it possible to shoot such pictures without Kashmira's consent. If she hasn't shot those scenes, then who has?"

Kashmira, however, maintains that she never approved of such a scene while shooting. According to her, Revati was never meant to be a sex film. She wanted to prove acting ability with this social but what she sees today will get her nothing but the comparisons with Mallika Sherawat or Rakhi Sawant.

The actress is planning to get a stay order against the release of the film.
By: Somesh Vasishth
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