Movie Review: 'Singh Vs Kaur' is thoroughly captivating
Sunday, February 17, 2013 17:39 IST
By: Ankur Karan Singh, Santa Banta News Network
Star Cast: Gippy Grewal, Surveen Chawla, B.N. Sharma, Japji Khaira, Binu Dhillon

Directed by: Navaniat Singh

Music: Jatinder Shah

Story: Dheeraj Rattan


Well, Punjabi cine delights released in the recent times have thoroughly proved that Punjwood has undergone a sea change in the recent times. With an upswing in nearly every department, Punjwood is successfully dishing out mesmerizing cine delights one after the other. Be it "Carry On Jatta", "Jatt and Juliet" or the recently released "Singh Vs Kaur" every time the entertainment quotient has moved to next level with a magnificent entertainment quotient.

Singh vs Kaur is a tale about a simple Punjabi guy Nihaal (Gippy Grewal), who with an intent of getting rid of unwanted marriage proposals, ends up lying to all his village folks, that he is in love with a girl named Jasneet Kaur (Surveen Chawla) from Vancouver.

But in reality, Jasneet is a girl, whom Nihaal and his friend and crime buddy Taari (Binnu Dhillon) saw on internet and kept a picture of her in order to substantiate the lie.

On being wheedled by his mother and aunt , Nihaal heads to Canada to stay with Taari's uncle (B.N. Sharma) in order to find out the whereabouts of Jasneet, where he meets another girl, Simrat (Japji Khaira) who tells him that Jasneet belongs to one of the wealthiest family of Vancouver and it would be next to impossible for him to reach her.

Favoured by the luck, Nihaal ends up becoming body guard of Jasneet after saving her life twice from the goons who want to kill her. But soon after, on his mother and aunts persuasion, Nihaal has to somehow bring Jasneet to his village followed by a roller-coaster ride of lies, cover-ups, goof-ups and contradicting tales which keep on fans attention glued to the celluloid.

Garnished with loads of action, humor and goof-ups "Singh Vs Kaur" has got a narration which is knitted with utmost devotion by Dheeraj Rattan. Infact it won't be wrong to say that while penning down the narration of "Singh Vs Kaur" Dheeraj Rattan has thoroughly succeeded in brilliantly blending the balance of all the necessary flavours to make an attention grabbing saga.

Be it humor, action or emotions everything pertaining to "Singh Vs Kaur" keeps your gazes fixed to the celluloid through out the run time of the movie.

Star Performances
Undoubtedly performance of Gippy Grewal in "Singh Vs Kaur" can be tagged as one of the best from singer turned actor. Be it about getting into action mode, romance or tickling the funny bones of the audience, Gippy has managed to slip under the skin of every mood with an ease.

After showcasing her acting prowess many a times, Surveen has once again looked marvelous and has proved the mettle of her acting.

In fact by her performance in "Singh Vs Kaur", Surveen has once again exhibited that she has got the ability to perform any and every kind of characters.

Though comeback beauty Japji Khaira's looks are a little played down in comparison to Surveen, but inspite of that Japji thoroughly succeeds in grabbing the attention and does a thorough justice to her character.

As usual Binnu Dhillon is simply fantabulous. With his excellent humor spontaneity Binnu has raised his performance benchmark. Besides Binnu, BN Sharma and Karamjit Anmol thoroughly adds to comedy bunch of the movie.

Direction and Technical Aspect
In direction and technical department, Navaniat Singh has done a great job and has firmly succeeded in fetching another feather for his cap by doing a firm directorial justice to an otherwise attention grabbing story.

As far as music of "Singh Vs Kaur" is concerned then it deserves heaps of accolades, musical delights like Massi, Bukchu are simply tempting. Songs are embedded in the tale with utmost dexterity leaving no space for obtrusion. In fact, Jatinder Shah has left "Zero scope" for any criticism in music and background score segment. So a heartiest pat for him.

To sum up, "Singh Vs Kaur" is an engaging saga, which firmly keeps your attention glued to the onscreen substance, without leaving any space for yawns and boredom.
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