OMG! How Sonal Chauhan achieved this sizzling bikini body
Thursday, February 21, 2013 11:17 IST
Sonal Chauhan went on a special pineapple diet to fit into a two- piece swimsuit for her film

Some actors go to great lengths to prep for their roles. Sonal Chauhan was so keen to fit into a Shivan & Narresh bikini for her next film 3G that she quickly got on to a pineapple diet to keep her weight in check.

The actress says, `I love pineapple. I was advised to consume one fruit a day so I chose to eat pineapples. It helped me to get in shape.`

Sonal had to also give up several of her other favourite food items to avoid piling on extra kilos. She says, `I am a big foodie and I never support that staying hungry is good. But I had to do it as I wanted to look good on the screen.`

White rice, fried chicken, desserts and chocolates went off Sonal's menu. The actress sipped on juice and did yoga and took to the gym for two hours every evening.

So particular was she about her look in the film that Sonal tried on 50 bikinis before taking a decision on what to finalise. `Imagine having to try on 50 swimsuits. After a while, I lost count!` adds the actress.
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