Wanted! Lahore's Heera Mandi prostitues to train Kangana!
Saturday, February 23, 2013 09:22 IST
Unit of Kangna Ranaut's upcoming film travelled across the border to seek cultural references

In Vishwas Patil's upcoming film, Kangna Ranaut plays a courtesan. And to pick up pointers on her character and the backdrop on the sets, Patil and dialogue writer Atul Tiwari headed to Pakistan.

A source says, `They visited the famous Heera Mandi in Lahore where there are many kothas.`

Says Patil, `Atul knows some people there and I wanted to recreate some houses and courtesans on my Mumbai sets. We visited Lahore to learn about the language they used in the kothas, the atmosphere and the set-up. We also learnt about different dance forms, especially the adaas which they use in dance.`

The director and his team also visited places in North India to learn more about the kotha culture. Patil adds, `I want everything to look authentic. I have got a good team of composers - Sameer and Dev Kohli, who know Urdu very well.`

Apparently, Kangna even shot for a dance sequence last week and the director thought she did fantastic.

The team however refrained from shooting portions in Pakistan to avoid the security and permission issues.
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