Oops! Tamannaah mistaken for bar dancer Tamanna

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Oops! Tamannaah mistaken for bar dancer Tamanna
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 12:37 IST

South actress Tamannaah talks straight on her choice of Bollywood films and how she handles controversies like a pro

Her upcoming film opposite Ajay Devgn is only her second in Bollywood. But actress Tamannaah seems extremely confident and poised as she tackles questions about her future in the industry and acting opposite one of the most formidable Bollywood stars. After all, Tamannaah is a star in the South and has already been there and done that. An excerpt:

Is there a certain kind of work you are looking for in Bollywood?
Honestly speaking, I am just seeking good work. I would never be a part of an arty film just for the sake of it. Eventually films are made for people to watch. It works for me as an actor if more and more people watch the film. I want to play different characters in different films.

You had been getting several offers in the past but finally signed Sajid Khan's next. Why?
I was waiting for the right offer. I wanted to be part of a film that I myself would want to see. Himmatwala is like that. I do films where there is a lot of positive energy among the people involved. That shows on screen.

Recently you found yourself amidst controversy. Your picture was mistaken for that of the bar dancer Tamanna.
When you are a public figure, sometimes these kind of baseless controversies crop up and you can't do anything about it. Fortunately for me the media has been very supportive. My only source of communication with my fans is through the media as I am not on any social networking site.

You have also been in the news for producer Salim Akhtar taking legal action against you for your debut film...
Legally, it is being taken care of. All I can say is that I was in school when I did that film and I was a minor. So even if there was an agreement, it cannot be valid.

According to Sajid, the film is entirely different from the original. How different is your character from Sridevi's?
My character hasn't altered at all but the film has many changes. Sajid always wants to make films that are entertaining as well as commercial, something that the audience can enjoy for three hours in a theatre. The costumes have had massive work by designer Rick Roy and are as authentic as the '80s.

Your next is with Akshay Kumar.
Yes, I am so excited. Ramesh Taurani will be producing the film and I am a huge fan of Akshay. I have never met him and I just can't wait!

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