'People should know that Anu Malik is still around'
Monday, April 15, 2013 14:03 IST
Music director on his self-imposed exile from Bollywood and making music with his daughter

It had been a while since Anu Malik had composed music for a Bollywood film. But Sanjay Gupta managed to coax the composer out of his `self-imposed exile` to make music for his upcoming gangster film. Sitting in his plush Juhu apartment, Anu speaks about getting back to films and his plans to work with his daughter Anmol.

You almost disappeared from Bollywood. Why?
Because I didn't approach anyone for films! I was at a point where I was doing shows for television and I was cool in my mind.

People know I have done 300 films and some pretty good work too but when people were not coming to me, why should I have gone to them? I did not give up and remained chilled out. Actually Sanjay Gupta told me that he wants to take me out of my self-composed exile and that is when I started introspecting.

Why couldn't you ask around for work?
I earlier used to tell directors and producers to work together. But then filmmakers these days prefer to work with their own set of music composers.

After the music of Main Hoon Na became big, Farah Khan opted to work with Vishal-Shekhar in her next. In my case, it turned out to be completely different. Instead of slogging I went into different things then. I thought if people need me they would come to me.

Has the situation changed now?
Now all of a sudden I am getting film offers. The fact that they are approaching me indicates my time is right. Who doesn't want to do music? But then I am a proud Scorpio! People should know that Anu Malik has done some great work and he is still around. But this time, I don't want to do more than four films, as I want to enjoy my life.

Your daughter Anmol is also singing for films. Will you work with her?
Anmol is doing a lot of work but she is keeping quiet and I respect that. Yes, we will soon be working together. I am so happy she is becoming famous not because of me but due to her own talent. She is working very hard and I am glad.
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