Vidya Balan: From a Fashion disaster to a trendsetter
Thursday, June 27, 2013 13:22 IST
Vidya Balan who has always made a unique style statement talks about her thoughts on her fashion sense

Vidya Balan came under media scrutiny at the recent Cannes Film Festival. The actress who has always made a uniquestyle statement talks to CS about her thoughts on her fashion sense:

Playing the character
I believe that when I am promoting a film, it makes a greater impact on my fans when I step out in the exact look that I will be having in the film. It's an instant connect with the film. I did this while promoting Ishqiya, Kahaani and The Dirty Picture.

Being criticised
A few years back, my costumes were criticised, but now my sarees are making style statements.I basically love wearing sarees. I wear what I am comfortable in and not just to make a style statement. That's me!

Also, I don't want to necessarily stick to a particular look. Thankfully, on-screen, I have been getting to wear a great variety of outfits and the greedy actor in me hopes that it will get better.
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