Now sister stars in brother's Blue Film
Tuesday, June 07, 2005 16:08 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
After an unceremonious exit from Pooja Bhatt's "Holiday", Muskaan is to play the lead role in big brother Mohit Suri's "Blue Film", a movie based on the life of a pornography star. Muskaan is Pooja Bhatt's niece. Her real name is Shruti, but she is known in the family by her pet name Smiley.

"I had offered Smiley (as Muskaan is fondly called at home) the role in 'Blue Film' even before she signed 'Holiday'. I am glad that she is doing the film now," said Suri.

"I don't believe she is a bad actress at all. On the contrary, I find her to be a brilliant actress. It was her acting skills that had first led me to consider her for the role in Blue Film."

Commenting on Bhatt dropping Muskaan from "Holiday", Suri said, "It's Pooja's film. If she felt Smiley wasn't delivering the goods, she had the right to do whatever she felt was right. I will never interfere in her decision just because she happens to be a part of the family."

So where does that leave Deepal Shaw, who was supposed to play the lead in Suri's film? "Deepal is very much there. There are roles for two actresses in the film. Deepal will be the playing the second lead," Suri clarified.
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