Girlfriends, Nude MMS wreck Ashmit
Monday, June 20, 2005 16:34 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Sleazy MMS saga is back to haunt Ashmit Patel. On one hand the 'girl in picture' Riya Sen is lambasting the dude at every possible platform, calling him a liar and a fake, on the other he has become the butt of ridicule among his friends and family.

His recent skirmish at the night club 'Squeeze' with Upen Patel just corroborate the fact that Ashmit is actually going through a rough time and loses temper in no time.

According to onlookers, the latest brawl broke out when Upen Patel started teasing Ashmit for allegedly distributing his infamous MMS involving Riya. After a long verbal assault Ashmit pounced on him and gave him a sound beating. Sohail Khan who was also present at the venue quickly intervened and calmed Ashmit.

On his alleged involvement in the brawl Sohail says, "There was a problem between Ashmit Patel and Upen Patel over an issue. I sat them both down and got them to sort out their problems. I think that both the boys are very sweet kids who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time."

However, a close friend of Ashmit confirms that it was not just Riya Sen who brought Upen and Ashmit at loggerheads. "Upen hasn't been very kind to Ashmit," he reveals, "after all, he stole his girlfriend away from him. Ashmit Patel was seeing Amrita Arora for some time, but she ended the relationship to be with Upen."

But the controversy doesn't end here. According to the new reports there was another incident involving Ashmit and Sohail on the same night.

The duo also beat up Sikander Kher, Anupam and Kirron Kher's son, in Bandra. While Sohail vehemently denies the story, Anupam Kher has filed a complaint with the Khar police against Ashmit and Sohail.

The story has it that Sikander made an unsavoury comment about Salman Khan, which Sohail obviously didn't like. Ashmit too jumped to his buddy's favour and the duo badly beat up Sikander.

While Anupam Kher refuses to divulge any details to the media, Ashmit has gone incommunicado. For the moment, it is only Sohail Khan, who is doing all the talking.

According to him: "Sikander did not say anything against Salman. These are just speculative reasons for why the fight broke out, which I repeat, did not involve me. Sikander is a friend. When I learnt that I was dragged into this controversy, I called Sikander and he seemed confused when I asked him why he had taken my name."

We don't know the real truth behind these ugly episodes but one thing for sure Riya is having a hearty laughter after reading this. Right Riya?
By: Somesh Vasishth
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