Grand Masti Part 3 to be far more sexy raunchy and in-your-face
Tuesday, September 24, 2013 11:49 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
/> Grand Masti, the sequel to Masti took 9 years to make. But Masti 3 would be ready in just 9 months.

That's a promise producer Ashok Thakeria and director Indra Kumar have made to themselves and to their very eager team of actors, some of whom had forgotten what a hit smells like.

Says Thakeria, "Yes the magnitude of success of Grand Masti has taken us all aback. Even on Monday the shows are going full everywhere. God has been kind. We are definitely going into Masti 3 right away. The first sequel took us 9 years to make. The second sequel will come in much less time, I promise you that."

It will also be far more sexy raunchy and in-your-face.

Says Thakeria, "The audience loved our sense of humour. We will give them a lot more of everything."

Says the Masti-Grand Masti writer Milap Jhaveri, "The USP of Part 3 would be the same as Part 2. Mad. naughty, crazy risqu humour."

In the meanwhile a new edited version of Grand Masti has been submitted to the censorboard for satellite and television screening.

"We've taken out whatever we thought was not suitable for home-viewing and submitted the film for re-censoring for television and satellite, " says Thakeria.
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