Hard to Believe: Look what makes Sunny feel shy?
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 14:07 IST
Producer Ekta Kapoor apparently had to intervene after the actress refused to turn her bare back to the cameras for 'Ragini MMS 2'

She was a full-fledged adult film actress in the US but looks like her advent in Bollywood has made Sunny Leone coy. In the midst of recent rumors about Sunny not willing to show off much skin in her upcoming film, Ragini MMS, comes the buzz that the actress recently even refused to lay her back base for the cameras.

According to sources, Sunny was required to shoot a sequence in a shower with her shoulder and back exposed to the cameras. Instead the actress apparently wanted to don a costume for a cover-up act.

A unit-hand says, `Director Bhushan Patel lost his cool and called up producer Ekta Kapoor, who apparently had to intervene. Sunny's contract with the producers binds her to show her skin in the film.`

It was apparently only after Sunny heard from Ekta that she finally agreed to do the shot. Tanuj Garg, CEO of the production house, says, `You'll see Sunny's back in the trailer. What's the big deal about showing one's back?`
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