Shocking: 'Gutthi' Sunil Grover's Inglorious Exit From Kapil's Show
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 10:08 IST
By Subhash K Jha, Santa Banta News Network
Did the popular character of Gutthi make an inglorious exit from the very popular Comedy Nights With Kapil due to ego clashes with the show's star and host Kapil Sharma?

The talented actor Sunil Grover, a.k.a Gutthi, completely denies any problem with Kapil.

Says Grover protectively, "Kapil is a dear friend and an absolute delight to work with .I have absolutely no problems with him. My contract with the show was over.And I had to leave the show due to prior commitments."

However sources close to the popular show rubbish Grover's claim of "prior commitments".

Says a reliable source, "Sunil's Gutthi act had become the show's USP.And a lot of people associated with the show didn't like it one bit. They wanted to cut Sunil's act down to size. There was suddenly a lot of interference in the way he projected himself in the show.Sunil began to feel stifled. Rather than stay on in a situation that was growing increasingly difficult Sunil chose to leave the show.`

Another source very close to Sunil Grover said, "Vested interests are spreading the rumour that Sunil left the show due to monetary issues.Seeing the popularity of his character Sunil is supposed to have demanded more money, which is complete hogwash. Sunil loves his character Gutthi and intends to take her forward."

Word is that Sunil Grover has been offered his own comedy show on a rival channel.

One thing is for sure. Comedy Nights With Kapil would never be the same again without Gutthi.
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