Caught On Camera: Tanisha and Armaan's raunchy intimacy
Thursday, November 21, 2013 14:27 IST
By Ankur Karan Singh, Santa Banta News Network
It looks like season 7 of Bigg Boss is destined to be one of the most devastating one, and that too not only for those residing in the house, but also for those associated with them in the outer world.

After a huge hullabaloo over Salman's bashing Kushal followed by dismissal of the latter from the house for being violent with one of the co-contestants Andy, now the controversial stature of the show has touched a new level.

If chirps of a birdie which has just arrived from the soothing milieu of, Lonavala are to be believed then, just a couple of hours ago a grand disaster has taken place in 'Bigg Boss house', where Tanisha and Armaan have reportedly been caught naked in a compromising position. And the thing which has further added to intensity of disaster is, capturing of this entire hanky-panky affair on the camera.

If reports are to be believed then since the time this disaster has taken place official crew members and creative team of Colors channel is on its toes to perform the disaster management.

As far as reports about Kushal's return to the house are concerned then they suggests that as per plan, Kushal was supposed to enter the house past night, but it was because of this embarrassing twist that the entry of the latter was pushed ahead.

As per the reports from an insider, the channel is in no mood of garnering the publicity through publicizing the incident, hence this embarrassing sequence will not be aired, keeping in view the broadcast timing of the show.

Well it's not for the first time that fumes of brewing love between Tanisha and Arman have come out in open. Ever-since the day, Armaan has expressed his liking to Tanisha, the couple is often seen sharing some warm vibes among themselves.

In the recent past there were reports that the duo were caught kissing in the smoking room post which then captain of the house, Kamya Panjabi pointed out that two people cannot stay in the smoking room together.

It's not only Kamya who has hinted about the existence of some latent feeling between Armaan and Kamya, after seeing the gesture of brewing love between Tanisha and Armaan, even at one point of time, even Salman had to hint them that there are 84 cameras around them and they should keep themselves well aware about the fact.

Rumors also suggest that after getting caught red handed, Tanisha requested to production team to allow her to have words with her mom, Tanuja, but to everyone's surprise latter refused to have any conversation with her daughter.

Besides this buzz even suggests that after Tanisha's opting for the Bigg Boss against their will, now brother-in-law, Ajay Devgn and sis Kajol are running from pillar to post to get Tanisha evicted from the show and have even shared their wish with show's host Salman too.
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