Negar divorces 'Gay' husband!
Friday, July 29, 2005 16:23 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Marriages may be made in heaven but divorces are made in hell for sure. After her 'wardrobe malfunction' in Norway Negar and Sahil Khan has decided to split but the issue is getting messier by the day as two are slinging mud at each other for the reason of divorce.

While Sahil maintains his conservative background behind the real cause for split, Negar has shocked all of us by citing another explosive reason.

According to the Norwegian bombshell, Sahil's alternate sexuality has caused the split.

Says Negar, "It all happened when Sahil joined me in Bangkok at my film shoot about 25 days back. He thought I'd be out shooting for the whole day but I came early and got the surprise of my life. Sahil was in a compromising position with a male!"

"That completely shattered me," she adds, however brawny Khan scoffs at her tall claims.

"All I can do is laugh at such cock and bull story," he tells and claims, "Over the last few months, a lot of things happened which were responsible for my decision. The main thing was the cultural difference. Also, her recent topless pictures, which were splashed in magazines and newspapers all over the world, strengthened my decision to leave her.

"I don't know if she did it deliberately or it happened by mistake, but I cannot stand my wife being shown naked in public."

Giving a new twist to the domestic brawl, Negar accuses her husband of being jealous of her success.

"I didn't want to go nude in front of so many people deliberately. I don't know what made him think so. The fact is that my huge popularity is making Sahil behave like this. His frustrations are coming out. And moreover, I can't take his alternate sexuality," she fumes.
By: Somesh Vasishth
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