See Parvati and Tulsi On KBC
Wednesday, October 26, 2005 09:19 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
by Subhash K Jha

This Diwali, KBC has something special lined up for its viewers. Coming up on the 30th October is the Diwali special of KBC where 'Parvati' Sakshi Tanwar will share the hot seat with 'Tulsi' Smriti Irani.

The pair was earlier seen in the first KBC. So why the repeat? Explains Samir Nair of Star, "Earlier Parvati and Tulsi appeared on KBC with other partners.... Parvati with Pallavi( Shweta Kawatra) and Tuksi with Mihir (Amarr Upaddhyay). But to have the two Bahus on the hot seat seemed like an ideal arrangement. We went for it. And everyone had a great deal of fun. After Ajay-Kajol and John-Bipasha this was the celebrity pair most in demand."

Says 'Tulsi' Smriti Irani, "Contrary to belief Sakshi and I are good friends. There's no rivalry between us...It was an honour to sit across Mr Bachchan a second time and play KBC. I think Sakshi and I are the only two people to have done that."

'Parvati' Sakshi Tanwar is even more effusive.

"It was an awesome experience. I had never thought I'd be on KBC again. It was much more fun. I was far more excited and nervous than the last time. In fact every emotion was 'ummeed se dugna'. We played very well and really enjoyed the game and the interaction with Mr Bachchan. Of course the pressure of performing well was there.

But both Smriti and I played with full honesty and to the best of our abilities. I only wish we hadn't answered the question for Rs 50 lakhs so hurriedly and used up our two remaining lifelines. Anyway I had a blast. Apart from the money that we won for our favorite charitable causes I earned memories that I'll cherish for life.

Though it was a 2-hour shoot I learnt so much from watching Mr Bachchan. His unlimited energy, humility, professionalism and perfectionism are traits that every actor should imbibe."

Though Parvati and Tulsi went up to only Rs 25 lakhs and finally brought it down to an accumulated prize money of Rs 6.4 lakhs by answering wrongly, they nevertheless had a great deal of fun."
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