Neal N Nikki kissed 21 times!
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 15:15 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Call it Yash Raj film's ode to Mallika Sherawat but it's true, Neal N Nikki, the film starring Uday Chopra and Tanishaa in the lead roles has 21 kisses.

It is an story of a boy and a girl born and brought up in Canada. The hero agrees to get married to a girl from Bhatinda. But before his marriage he wants to meet 21 girls in 21 days.

"During the course, he meets a girl called Nikki Bakshi who helps him meet the other girls. It's his moral vacation. He's taking a moral vacation so you can expect a bit of naughtiness and a lot of fun," says Arjun Sablok the director of the film.

Ask him about the kiss count he retorts, "The kisses in the film are the natural progression of a love story. It doesn't make a difference whether there are two kisses or 21, as long there are enough to satisfy the lovers."

"I told Tanishaa and Uday about the kisses before we started shooting and they were so comfortable with each other too. But the film is not just about kissing, it tells a wonderful tale and its twists," he insists.

Tanisha however is completely befuddled about this hullabaloo regarding kisses.

"I haven't counted the kisses, but I don't know what the fuss is all about. It is a fun film, and the kissing scenes are an important part of the script. I knew Uday, and the fact that he didn't have bad breath helped — so I was quite cool and comfortable doing it," she says with a smile.
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