Cat-lover Shilpa's publicist wants to eat cat!
Tuesday, November 29, 2005 12:37 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Shilpa Shetty sure might be known to love cats... but her publicist Dale Bhagwagar has developed a sudden strange hatred to "all the cats of the world".

He simply states, "they are rightly known to be one of the most ungrateful creatures". So where does all this hatred stem from? No, no, its not from any of the three cute little kitties that Shilpa owns.

It so happened that a stray cat in the publicist's building got a paralytic stroke and was dragging from its hind. To make matters worse, the poor thing got bitten by a dog. When Dale saw this, like a true blue good Samaritan, he sympathized with her pitiable condition and brought this cat home.

He started feeding it and also tried his best to treat it with homeopathic medicine. He called up the animal welfare organization 'Peta' and when he didn't get a response from them, he approached a similar organization 'Karuna' and also sought help from other animal lovers in his area. Dale even took her to a veterinarian who put the cat on saline to help her recover from her weakness.

Back home, he himself administered her and fed her with fish ("the only thing she would eat") and medicine in milk for three days. However, as soon as the cat got a little stronger it attacked Dale and badly bit his fingers just after its last morsel on the third day. So much for love and caring.

In a few minutes, the publicist's hand swelled up and he had to be rushed to the hospital where doctors gave him tetanus and rabies injections. "It was not worth the pain," he quips. The 'saviour' now insists he will never help stray animals... not cats, at least.

Dale, who turned vegetarian three years ago, is so disgusted by this cat's ungrateful nature that he adds, "Although I'm still a vegetarian, I will eat this cat if I see it again." (Yuck!).

Wonder what would be the look in his client and cat-lover Shilpa Shetty's eyes after reading this!! In the poor publicist's support, all we can say is... 'Forgive him Shilpa, for he knows not what he said'.
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