Raveena insults Anil's ex wife

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Raveena insults Anil`s ex wife
Tuesday, January 03, 2006 16:04 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Raveena Tandon was reportedly involved in a fight with her husband Anil Thadani's former wife Natasha Sippy at a New Year's party at Taj Land's End Hotel. The party was hosted by producer Ritesh Sidhwani.

It all happened in the wee hours of morning when Raveena, Anil and some friends were sitting on a couch and chatting. Anil was hungry so Raveena went to get something to eat for her husband. When she came back, she saw Natasha and her friend sitting next to Anil.

Raveena didn't react but requested Natasha's friend to take her away from there. But Natasha refused to move. After repeating her request for the fourth time, Raveena just went up to the bar, picked up a glass of wine and poured it on Natasha's head."

However, Natasha's father, producer Romu Sippy has a completely different story to tell.

"Raveena and Anil were present at the party. Raveena started abusing Natasha for no rhyme or reason. She then threw a glass at Natasha,'' said Sippy, adding that the broken glass left his daughter injured.

Sidhwani confirmed the incident but refused to elaborate. Tandon refused to comment.

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