Salman beats SRK yet again, Aamir not even in the league
Thursday, December 18, 2014 11:05 IST
By Ankur Karan Singh, Santa Banta News Network
Prevalence of war like situation between Salman and SRK may have turned into the thing of past, but there is no denying the fact that for die hard fans of the two and even some of the those belonging to the media and digital world arena, the competition between the two is still on.

And this fact has time and again made it to buzz arena. Recently it was buzz about Salman's making to to the top slot in Forbes list which was perceived by many as some thing in reference to SRK's abdication from the top slot.

This time it's a survey conducted by Google which has once again bring forth the the debate about the competing of the these to titan Khans against each other.

If recent reports are something to go by then they suggest that, in a survey conducted by Google,Salman the Dabangg of Bollywood has emerged as most searched Indian celebrity of the year, followed by GOOD FRIEND Shah Rukh who secured the second slot, courtesy his much adored magnum opus Happy New Year.

Well there is no denying the fact that when it comes to popularity and professional-war then none of the Bollywooders stand even close to these two, but at the same time no one can refute another fact that in matters pertaining to star-power Salman is miles ahead of SRK. And success of Jai Ho and Kick with latter standing tallest in the number game are some of the conspicuous proofs of the same.

But the most shocking surprise which this survey exposed was that Mr Perfectionist Aamir couldn't even make it to top ten slots which had Akki, Ranbir at the 3rd and fourth positions followed by Shahid,Big B and Varun Dhawan at the fifth, sixth, and seventh positions respectively.

Besides, other significant names which managed to secure a spot in the top 10 list are Ranveer, Fawad and Emraan who secured a berth at eighth, ninth and 10 positions respectively.
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