Happy Teachers' Day
    A leader is like a teacher of the society, who teaches and see what is good and bad. But, now a days leaders and there work are in a very bad frame and they are not contributing in the upliftment of society.
  • SC Reforms! SC Reforms! Supreme Court stands by order on disqualifying convicted netas
  • Unassuming Prime Minister! Unassuming Prime Minister! PM Manmohan Singh pleads the opposition not to assume things over the missing coal files.
  • Fun in the bathroom Fun in the bathroom Here`s a nice ploy by women to make their men aim better while peeing.
  • Free Beer Free Beer The trick you can never learn in any Management School.
  • Religious Shelter Religious Shelter In the past Sushma Swaraj always stand in the support of women security and empowerment, but this time she is totally silent over the involvement and arrest of self styled Godman Asaram in a case of assaulting a minor.