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    Rahul Gandhi dominates Twitter on the issue of missing condom machines .Many jokes are there in social media over Rahul,linking him with missing condom machine scam
  • RIP Sushmita Banerjee RIP Sushmita Banerjee Sushmita Banerjee, an Indian author who wrote a book 18 years ago about her dramatic escape from the Taliban, has been shot dead outside her home in Afghanistan.
  • What Big B's KBC teaches us! What Big B's KBC teaches us! Amitabh Bachchan`s KBC begins yet another season with a message, there`s no age-barrier to learn.
  • Pakistan's Defence Day! Pakistan's Defence Day! Every year on 6th September Pakistan celebrates its Defence Day, just to show its power to India.B ut they don`t understand that their real threat is from the terrorist groups within their own country.
  • Rajan's Rupee Ride Rajan's Rupee Ride Raghuram Rajan, RBI`s new Governor takes step to hold economy plunge.
  • Modi's right hand men! Modi's right hand men! Modi`s right hand man Amit Shah is in trouble after Vanzara sends a letter bomb!