Santa's Liability
  • Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Godman Asaram Bapu, who has been in Jodhpur Central Jail since September 2 on charges of raping a minor, has welcomed the victory of the BJP in assembly elections in four states. He said his `curse` is behind the defeat of the Congress in Rajasthan - where he is lodged in jail - and Delhi.
  • Decoding a woman's psyche! Decoding a woman's psyche! Numerous intellects would have propounded various concept to decode the mysteries of the world, but there are still a few remaining needing an extensive research and women is one of them.
  • Poor vs Rich Poor vs Rich As it is a conspicuous fact that every human is unique, so seems to be the circumstances of every human.
  • Pehle AAP...Pehle AAP... Pehle AAP...Pehle AAP... The new Delhi Assembly is a hung house. Single-largest party, the BJP, with 32 seats, fell short of a majority in Sunday`s vote count; the Aam Aadmi Party, in a spectacular showing for a first election, is second with 28. Perhaps for the first time, Delhi is witnessing a scenario where no party wants to stake claim to form government; both say they will be happy to sit in the opposition.
  • The Real Winner! The Real Winner! The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has now appeared on the national scene as a serious player. With it`s spectacular performance in the Delhi Assembly elections, the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP has proved that it is a really strong mass movement.