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  • Master Modi! Master Modi! Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday interacted with students from across the nation in an unprecedented gesture on Teachers` Day, seeking to send a political message about his ability to engage with them directly like Jawaharlal Nehru and keep up the momentum in favour of his 100-day-old government.
  • Cricket Jihad Cricket Jihad While the players were walking back to the dressing room in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, Shehzad was caught on camera telling Dilshan "if you are a non-Muslim and you turn Muslim, no matter whatever you do in your life, straight to heaven."
  • Big Confusion!!! Big Confusion!!! To leave or not to leave...
  • Happy Teacher's Day! Happy Teacher's Day! In the first mass contact programme of its kind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will interact live with millions of young students and teachers across the nation on Friday on the occasion of Teachers` Day.
  • Nonsense Nonsense Islamic State extremists released a video on Tuesday purportedly showing the beheading of a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, and warning President Barack Obama that as long as US airstrikes against the militant group continue "our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people."