AAP's Party Fund Burgled
    Cash and jewellery worth almost Rs 5 lakh were stolen from former AAP MLA Vandana Kumari`s house in Shalimar Bagh. Apart from this, the crooks also made off with cheques totalling Rs 18 lakh which the party had collected in donations at a recent fundraiser.
  • The Importance of Punctuation The Importance of Punctuation She cooks her family and her dog???? The dog looks worried!!!
  • Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye There are reports that the BJP which won the second highest number of 25 seats in J&K assembly elections basically from the Jammu region, a Hindu dominated area and PDP which won the highest number of 28 seats from the Muslim dominated Kashmir Valley are coming together to form the Government in J&K -
  • The Frozen Lake The Frozen Lake BJP ruled the roost in Jharkhand and managed to secure the maximum number of seats in the assembly elections. Whereas in J&K it had to face a neck to neck competition from PDP, but in spite of that it managed to outmaneuver the NC.
  • Laxman Rekha! Laxman Rekha! Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly told BJP lawmakers that controversial statements made by some of them are hurting the party and government`s image and that no one must cross the line or the "Laxman Rekha."
  • Dr's Clinic Dr's Clinic A lawmaker of Rajasthan`s ruling BJP tells a senior doctor that he will kick him, slap him, cut off his hair and "skin him alive", in a phone conversation that has gone viral on social media. Prahlad Gunjal, the BJP legislator from Kota, has been suspended on the orders of BJP chief Amit Shah.