Can You Read This ?
    If yopu can read this you are awesom.... Not as hard as it looks!
  • China-Pak Deal China-Pak Deal Our immediate neighbours China and Pakistan have teamed up and created a #FAIL that will go down in history books. According to latest news, China and Pakistan have just launched a joint think tank called Research and Development International aka R.A.N.D.I. Yeah, that's the abbreviation - R.A.N.D.I and well, we all know what it means.
  • Kisan Rally!!! Kisan Rally!!! Rahul Gandhi addresse a mega Kissan Rally!!!
  • Funny Sign Fail Funny Sign Fail and when they realized the mistake, they moved all the products instead of moving the Signs....
  • Guess who forgot to show up to the Health Fair? Guess who forgot to show up to the Health Fair? They may have Alzheimer`s, but at least they don`t have Alzheimer`s.
  • Rahul Returns Rahul Returns Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi returned to Delhi on Thursday from his a two-month "unexplained" sabbatical.
    Rahul arrived in New Delhi at 11.15 AM on a Thai Airways plane from Bangkok.
    Missing from action for almost two months, Rahul has been on a leave of absence since the Parliament`s Budget Session began on February 23.