OROP: Endless wait
    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday reiterated his commitment to one rank one pension (OROP) for retired military personnel but did not spell out a timeframe for rolling out the scheme, triggering angry reactions from veterans.
  • Knock-out Session Knock-out Session The campaign for the ouster of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was on Wednesday met with a strong counter-offensive when she launched a no-holds-barred attack on Congress, accusing it of having taken money to help alleged Bofors middleman Ottavio Quattrocchi and then Union Carbide chairman Warren Anderson flee India even as the government rejected the demand for her resignation.
  • How Ironic! How Ironic! Irony in Education... when a chowkidar is paid more than a lecturer.
  • Funniest Bathroom Sign Funniest Bathroom Sign I`m sure you know which one is for Men and which one is for Women...
  • Delhi's Kawad Delhi's Kawad Delhi Govt is far away from fulfilling their promises done during election time nothing much can be seen on ground reality .on the other hand now and then they get into different controversies.
  • Dial-up Connection Dial-up Connection Kids nowadays will never know the real struggle we went through growing up...